Additional Astral Diamond Sources Remains A Hot Topic

There was news to the AD front yesterday as goatshark announced that weekly zone quests will grant 3,000 RAD each.

Each of the following weekly quests will reward 3000 Rough AD upon completion:
  • Arcane Reservoir (Sharandar)
  • The Red Wizards (Dread Ring)
  • Biggrin’s Tomb (Icewind Dale)
  • Reclaiming the Horde (Tyranny of Dragons)
  • Protecting the Portal (Harper Boward, Tyranny of Dragons)goatshark

The reaction of the playerbase to the additional Astral Diamond sources was cautiously appreciative with the usual voices that this is not enough to close the gap between supply and demand.  Regarding this matter, Community and Reddit Moderator Ironzerg raised a valid question a few days ago:

So much like that 24k/day limit…why be so stingy about letting players hit that? If the DM has decided that for his world, 24k is the target, then let it be the target.ironzerg79

It’s indeed strange that the devs not only cut most sources of pure AD and the ability to use ALTs as factories, but also made it completely impossible for the majority of players to hit the daily refining cap without abandoning their real life.

The current system makes no sense for three reasons: First of all a hard cap comes with the perception that you should be able to reach it, secondly the mandatory costs of progression are way too high compared to your daily income and thirdly players need to run a bunch of content they normally wouldn’t. Which explains why the playerbase does not roll out the red carpet for an addition of 15k weekly RAD. You still can’t hit the cap, the costs remain unchanged and the quests are not run by everyone.

The last bullet is particularly interesting. Why not monitor the amount of ADs players are making and add more to the content that different tiers of players run the most? Instead the devs keep forcing players into specific content rather than catering to them, which only adds to frustration and the overall grindiness of the game.

It looks like they take their usual cautious approach and logic demands they are indeed slowly working towards ways to hit the daily cap more conveniently and will also lower mandatory costs going forward, but as long as these issues are unsolved, AD generation will remain an area of concern.



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