Arcgames Forum Finally Introduces a Dev Tracker Again

Guys, something unbelievable happened: The official forum has a dev tracker again, and it only took them ages to bring it back! Now be honest: You probably never thought you’d see this day, right?

Migration Ate the Tracker in 2015

In case you’re wondering why we’re being so emphatically sarcastic, here’s a quick recap of history. The original Perfect World message board came with a so-called “dev tracker”. Especially if you weren’t a forum dweller, it was an easy way to find the latest statement and announcements without the need to read through everything. In May 2015 the feature however disappeared with the migration to the Vanilla software on the Arcgames website and players would soon miss it.

We’re not exactly sure what happened since then. Over the months and years there were several promises that it would be reinstated, yet it never happened. Maybe it was one of those low-priority things that got constantly postponed. Or it wasn’t too easy because Vanilla is third-party software. Anyway, we at Uncensored quickly stepped in and established our own version of the tracker, which also publishes live updates to Twitter.

Two Years Later, the Feature is Back

Two years later, it now finally seems that the useful feature is back. It currently is labeled as work in progress and only lists the last twelve posts, but it’s at least something. And of course, our tracker is here to stay as well. So players have multiple options how to get their latest dose of dev posts now!

What’s your opinion on the Vanilla dev tracker? Do you like it or is it little useful in its current form? Share your thoughts in the comments below and visit the corresponding thread on our message board!

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