The Art of ALTing: Rough Astral Diamonds & Salvage

This article is part of our “Alternate Characters Guide” that explains the current functions of alts and the best ways to utilize them. If it feels a bit disjointed, click through to our guide hub, get an introduction, and links to even more related topics.

In this article we discuss the current premier way to farm Astral Diamonds in the game. Different tasks grant rough Astral Diamonds which can be refined into “real” ones. There’s a daily limit of 36,000 per character. So the more toons you get to the refining limit, the more ADs you are able to make. It helps that you do not even need to play your characters to use their refining limit. Most salvageable gear that drops from dungeons binds to account, and can be freely moved around. If you have reached the limit on your main character(s), you can mail surplus salvage to the next best idle toon and refine it there.

ADs generated this way can then be transferred using the ZAX. Just post an offer way below market value so it doesn’t get matched, switch characters, cancel the offer on your main, and withdraw the balance. This approach is really basic. You play your best main and spread salvage across your chars so that you are able to hit multiple caps per day. What’s a bit more difficult though is to figure out what to do to be most efficient. So I have compiled an unsorted list of stuff to know.

Random Queues

Random Queues are a great source of rough ADs on your alternative and main characters. You should definitely do the normal dungeon and skirmish one for about 15,000 ADs + possible salvage. These two should be available on all your characters, and most of the time are a fast completion. Doing them is also a nice way to smoothly level alts up to 70. You gain about a level per day and can gear up using the Adventurer Seals you farm. The Eternal Equipment Chest drop level appropriate gear and should be enough to get you through.

On the contrary I’m not a big fan of the epic dungeon or trial queue in terms of AD generation. It’s really a hit or miss in terms of run length and group strength and most of the time you are probably better off farming other content instead. This is especially true on alts that might not feature the item levels to comfortably pull through all content.

Campaign Keys

Once you’ve done your random queues, it’s time to get some more salvage on your mains. Obviously doing content in which you can open two chests in the end makes most sense, but not all campaign keys are equally easy to get. What’s most efficient here really depends on how geared you are and what you normally do. If you’re farming Dread Ring and Sharandar anyway for example, then crafting keys for Valindra and Malabog is easy. It just requires to complete the main daily in the campaign zones. The Ancient Runic Key is uncapped, making Fangbreaker Island another good destination as well. You should however try to stay under 30 minutes for your FBI runs.

In case you haven’t gotten an Underdark skirmish in the random queue, I’d definitely advise to run one Demogorgon. It generates enough Faerzress to craft another Lesser Demonic Key, making it a nice daily task. Also try to get into a multi run of the Folly skirmish. Even after completing the Module 12 campaign, it’s super easy to craft 4-5 keys per week and blast through them in under 30 minutes. The Shirt and Pants drop quite frequently and can be salvaged.

In case you only have daily keys, epic Temple of the Spider is still your #1 destination. It’s fast and reliable.

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Skirmishes Do Not Require a Dungeon Key

This might be obvious, but maybe not. While you need an epic dungeon key to open any end chest in dungeons, all skirmishes grant a free salvage regardless. The Underdark ones require a gold result to be sure and are probably a longer completion, but can drop epic rings that go for 4,000 instead of the usual 2,000. So if you don’t own any daily keys, you can still do the skirmishes for salvage. This is probably only an issue for non-VIPs though.

Double Events

I’m going to mention the Double Astral Diamond event here, because it theoretically still exists. Back in the days players would pile up salvage to convert it to ADs during the event days. It doesn’t seem however that we are going to see another Double AD anytime soon. So it’s not generally advised to stash away salvage nowadays.

A tad more interesting is Double Seals. Obviously runs during the event days become more profitable. Plus you can even to pre-farm it by doing Heroic Encounters. If you farm the HEs in advance and then claim them during the event, it will land you x2 seals.

Monitor Your Seals

When running content, it easily happens that you hit one of the caps with your seals and that’s throwing away precious AD. Especially make sure to frequently trade in your Protector Seals for gear.

Do the Weeklies

Most weekly quests are a great way to obtain additional ADs once per week, even one alts in case they are sufficiently geared and have the campaigns unlocked. Arcane Reservoir, The Red Wizards and Protecting the Portal are quick and easy. Biggrin’s Tomb and Ballad of Baphomet a little longer and/or more challenging, and Reclaiming the Hoard might only make sense in case you’re doing the dailies in the Well of Dragons anyway.

Do you use your alts to generate rough Astral Diamonds? What’s your approach and best practice? Share your experience in the comments below and visit the corresponding thread on our message board!

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j0Shi plays the Neverwinter MMORPG since the open BETA in 2013 and is a regular contributor to the blog and the whole UN:Project. Originally a Guardian Fighter inspired by the DPS builds of Envy and Rokuthy, he has built up ALTs of all classes and finished Module 5 with five characters in full legendaries and BiS/near-BiS level.

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  • December 26, 2017 at 2:26 pm

    Interesting read Joshi, running the weeklies is one thing I do all I time.
    What you forgot to mention though is the bonus AD you gain on salvage and refining the rough AD when you invoke on all toons.
    Get it right and that 4k for an Underdark ring becomes 6.5k


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