Asterdahl Comments on Long-Term Viability of Hunting

Over two weeks ago developer Asterdahl shared some comments about the long-term viability of Hunting that are worth a share. We initially missed the post, but gladly someone mentioned it on the Discord the other day.

About the long term viability of hunts—there will be new hunts coming in the not too distant future, and we do have some plans to add things to give the system some legs, but we’re actually not necessarily interested in making hunts something people feel like they should be doing forever.asterdahl
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More Hunting, But Not Quite Like Fishing

There are a couple things of note in the quote. First of all it’s a confirmation that the Hunting system will definitely get some sort of extension. From what we’ve seen about the next mid-module update, it’s not going to happen in “Sword of Chult”. So we are probably talking about Module 13 here. There are some other indications that the we might stay in Chult a little longer anyway. So a bit more hunting in other areas of the jungle makes sense.

For those that absolutely hate running through Soshenstar River in search for Trophies, there’s good news as well. It sounds like the Hunting system will be tied to its respective modules and is not something that’ll stick forever (SoMI fishing *cough*cough*).

Moving Away From Past Design

But the post contained more interesting information about future design and general direction of the game. Asterdahl clearly stated that they are moving away from keeping old content viable for too long. And that’s good news because the task list of players with Module 10.5 was about to explode. Most campaigns remained viable in some way for refining stones, campaign keys, or other stuff. So it’s good to see them pulling the plug there, let players enjoy the latest content and enable them to do more of the stuff they want to do.

Long ago, there was an internal idea that every campaign zone had to have repeatable tasks that had players wanting to come back forever, and that somehow they were all going to be directed at progressing different areas of your character (thus the various flavors of refinement item that were once available, e.g. thaumaturgic stones, etc.)

We feel like this approach is actually overwhelming and detrimental, we’d rather everyone be able to enjoy the new content, and only certain things like queues will remain “evergreen.”asterdahl

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One thought on “Asterdahl Comments on Long-Term Viability of Hunting

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    October 8, 2017 at 3:29 am

    Please no .. hunts is meant for endgame players only I can’t see a 10k player doing a hunt. Sure they can group up but still only 1 drop if they change that maybe

    This endgame only mentality is really hurting the game.


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