Empowered Runestone Mistake on Preview Caused Quite a Stir Within Community

So what happens when a verbal miscommunication leads to changing a nerf into a 250% buff instead? Well, yesterday those interested in the preview server and changes made to the upcoming Module 12b were about to find out.

The update will already give runestones a slight advantage versus enchantments to make augment pets a viable option again. For that reason the Empowered Runestone got a significant HP increase in the defensive slot, initially 32,000 HP. Players claimed it might be a bit too high and dev “noworries” said it would be tuned down to 20,000.

80,000 Instead of 20,000?

The latest patch NW.90.20170911A.4 however boosts the Empowered Runestone by 250% instead.

Empowered Runestone: The hit points granted by this Runestone have been increased to approximately 250% of their prior values on Preview.

Sample values: 1,200 -> 3,000 for Rank 1; 12,000 -> 30,000 for Rank 8; 24,000 -> 60,000 for Rank 12; 32,000 -> 80,000 for Rank 14.terramak

Seing it mentioned directly in the patch notes led to the conclusion that it might indeed be intended. Additionally terramak confirmed that the “values are known to be high – and are intentionally so for the time being”. The news spread rapidly and players where quick to point out that such high HP pools cause all sorts of problems. The new meta would have been running the Bulette PupTenebrous Enchantment and a Paladin with “Aura of Courage”, which dishes out additional damage based on HP. This was already viable thanks to the changes, but would have turned such builds into godmode.

Some players pointed out that it must be a legit mistake. Noworries then jumped in later and confirmed it is indeed a bug. Nonetheless the patch notes made for interesting two hours yesterday.

Other Notable Changes

The latest patch does however contain other interesting changes that are worth noting. The mentioned dungeon account unlocks are now included and the daily rewards from the random queues have been increased. PVP players will be glad to see a fix for the lingering critical strike bug that made crits deal less damage than normal hits. Also the new diminishing return mechanic got several adjustments and should no longer apply too many stacks for some powers.

Additionally the rewards in Fangbreaker Island and Spellplague Caverns were enhanced and the new Merchant Prince’s Folly has new Overload Enchantments as potential drops. The procs read as follows:

When taking damage you gain Glancing Defense for 15 seconds, granting 500 {k:Defense} and {k:Lifesteal}. While active, this also grants incoming attacks a 25% chance to be glancing, reducing the damage that attack dealt by 20%.

This effect can only trigger once every 45 seconds.

When you deal damage to an enemy, you gain Opportune Strikes for 15 seconds granting 500 {k:CritStrike} and {k:Power}. While active, this also grants your powers a 25% chance to strike again for 20% of their initial damage.

This effect can only trigger once every 45 seconds.

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