Events and the Patient Player

In the first post of my take on events I discussed what important purpose they serve for the devs. Events are an integral part of the progression system. Because of that they bring players to log into the game, upping peak numbers and (re)acquiring players.

Players should utilize events

Burrow Dawn Inn

But not only the devs profit from events, the players can as well. I would even go as far as saying taking part in events is not accelerating, but progressing at the intended speed. ZEN market pricing is so absurd for some items that it only makes sense with a voucher. The grind for refining points suddenly becomes a lot more reasonable if you’re utilizing the double weekends. Sometimes it’s as easy as taking part, sometimes a little patience and planning is needed.

Double weekends

Let’s look at the double events first, because it’s quite obvious how to deal with them: You do what’s doubled. A few even stack, sort of. You can farm salvage during double seals and turn them in during double AD. You can open enchantment boxes during double enchantments and use them as RP during double refinement. You can buy Explorer’s Charts during double Guild Marks and farm them during double professions.

The key is to be patient. Double events rotate, so you can actually plan with them. The devs can adjust them sometimes according to economic needs, but so far there haven’t been prominent absentees outside double AD on PC. I know it’s hard to stash away stuff and wait for a specific event for weeks. But it’s worth it long-term. Patience is the key.


Winter Event RacingNormal events introduce new items from time to time that might have a decent resell value. A classic example is the Starry Panther that got added to the Lliira event last year. My first lowbie was able to get 450,000 ADs for it, which is not bad. It was a considerable grind, but absolutely better than doing other stuff. The latest example was the Jubilee, which had great AD-making potential as well. This most likely only works on the very first installment of an event or every time new rewards are being added. Prices diminish so quickly nowadays that you can’t equally profit from an event twice. The Panther for example sells for 150,000 this year.

Earlier in the game it was even viable to pile up on event items and sell them at a later point. CtA companions, fashion, anything. This stuff is mostly worth pennies now on PC and Xbox, so these opportunities seems to be mostly gone. Other stuff though is still worth stashing away to use it at a later point. The Lliira ZEN vouchers are one example or the Bountys from the Jubilee.

It’s another story for the recently launched Playstation version. Because events run there for the first time, items that might have lost an value on PC and Xbox still sell for a lot.


Some events are great at bringing characters to level 60. The Double experience event is quite obvious, but additionally all scaled content dishes out a nice amount of XP when completed with lower level characters. During the Siege event you were able to get to level 60 in about two hours. CtA skirmishes are also a nice source of XP and most of the time also a very fast and reliable completion for the daily ADs.

As you can see, there’s a lot to gain from events and missing them could mean missing out. The devs need the events, so they are willing to hand out progression worth several weeks or even months sometimes. If you are in no particular rush and wait out events strategically, you are guaranteed to get more progression out of your time.

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