First Major Patch in Storm Kings Thunder to Deal With Bugs, Campaign Store Prices

The devs updated the preview server with the first major patch in Storm Kings Thunder (our first look can be found here) and we highlight the most important things that are probably coming tomorrow.

Scourge fixes continue

Fangbreaker Island Dragon TurtleFirst of all the Arms of Hadar bug will get fixed, which currently pierces control immunities. This also means players are no longer able to bug the illustrious Dragon Turtle fight and have to find legit ways to beat the boss. Help comes in form of another fix, which prevents the Turtle to use Wild Slam although the primary target is in range. Not yet included is a fix for the Sparks issue.

Other minor fixes and improvements have been done to tooltips, the alchemy profession and the Respen’s Game campaign completion. Module 10 Insignia Bonuses should also activate with the patch.

Cya Ambush

Looks like the changes to the Ambush Ring weren’t enough as the devs apply another round of nerfs. All versions of the Ring will get a 30 second ICD and mobs can now correctly detect players. This could render the Ring completely useless in both game modes.

Ten-Towns Supplies cost reduction

The third notable change are Ten-Towns Supplies cost reduction of Underwear and the Armor Kit. As we’ve said around here the viability of Fangbreaker Island is completely based on the market for Supplies related items. So the cost reduction could be a huge hit for raiders. The change should probably allow more people to access the dungeon, which generally is a good idea though.

What’s your take on the upcoming changes? Share it in the comments below or visit the corresponding thread on our message board!



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