Lost City of Omu Announced for February 27th as Neverwinter’s Next Module

Neat move Cryptic! While we were all waiting for Module 13 to hit preview this month, the devs jumped the gun and teamed up with Dragon Mag to deliver the module announcement!

Lost City of Omu Will Go Live on Feb 27th

It’s actually the first time a module is announced before players have seen it on the preview. That however doesn’t mean that the timeline is off. Cloaked Ascendancy was released on Feb 21st last year and went to preview on Jan 13th. Terramak confirmed on Discord that they plan to update the PTS tomorrow, giving the module the usual six weeks of testing before its release.

So we will probably know a lot more about the Lost City of Omu before too long. Let’s however still quickly talk about the hints revealed in both the trailer and the Dragon Mag writeup. If you’re a frequent reader of our site, not a lot of stuff should sound unfamiliar. We already found clues about the Lost City of Omu as a future adventure zone and hence were sure the next module would stay in Chult. It also comes to no surprise that the structure of Hunts and Heroic Encounters hasn’t changed. Apparently a new Undead T-Rex, twice as deadly as the King of Spines, once again is both a HE and the apex creature of the new Hunts.

Last but not least, the devs had already hinted at the group content addition being a Trial, and that’s confirmed now as well. It’s called “Cradle of the Death God” and players will probably fight Acererak to conclude the story.

Removal of Leveling Curves for Players from 60-70

This makes the announcement of the “removal of leveling curves for players from 60-70” the only real “news”. We’re not quite sure how this could look like, but it would seem that the devs aim for one progression curve from 1-70. When Elemental Evil brought a level cap raise back in 2015, the devs added different progression curves for level 61-70 on top of the existing ones. That meant that leveling through the original story from 1-60 felt smooth and easy. But starting with Elemental Evil content at level 61 was like running into a wall. The devs have adjusted leveling in the past, but now could introduce a final solution.

The article also mentions “adjustments to class powers”. This is very vague and could hint at the changes to Scourge Warlocks and Trickster Rogues that we already talked about. But it could also mean a bigger systematical change of how powers work, stack or interact.

Anyway, we have attached some pictures from the video below that probably show the new lockbox mount, a triceratops, and screenshots from the new zone and Undead T-Rex. Have fun with it!

What’s your first impression of the Lost City of Omu? Do you like it or are underwhelmed with the announcement? Share your thoughts in the comments below and visit the corresponding thread on our message board.

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One thought on “Lost City of Omu Announced for February 27th as Neverwinter’s Next Module

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    January 13, 2018 at 10:58 am

    As far as Class Powers are concerned, I heard yesterday from people on Preview that DC Break the Spirit has been nerfed in that the triple Empowered version buffs party dps by only 7% per stack instead of 10%.

    Meanwhile, Forgemaster’s Flame appears to have been very over-buffed but in a very limited radius, but the tooltip is confusing.

    As I understand it, these previously were that BtS had a smaller radius but a better buff, while FF had a wider radius but lesser buff of 5% per stack of Empowered vs the BtS 10%. So less tanky DOs might use FF, while more tanky ACs might use BtS more as they tend to be a little more in the thick of melee for proximity buffs and their increased Power Share. FF, while a lesser buff, had the better chance to hit missile classes at range as well as melee dps classes.

    The fact that the AC has no DoT At Will to proc party dps Righteous Feats also needed a DoT Encounter, and BtS was usually the best choice. The fact that two BtS do not stack also reinforced some differences between the two Paragons.

    They could have done something to bring these Encounters closer together, but instead seem to have done the typical Sledgehammer and Monkey Nut trick in order to make one more preferable to the other.

    I this goes through to Live, it seems to be yet another nerf to the Righteous AC, regardless of their attempts to break the 2 DC Paragon paradigm for the meta-meme.


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