Massively Opinionated Talks About Neverwinter And F2P

Massively Overpowered has a video format that’s a battle between panelists over a certain topic and is called Massively Opinionated. Ten days ago Jason Winter (Editor @MMO Bomb) from Justin Olivetti (BioBreak, Massively OP) and Tina Lauro (Massively OP, Predestination) went head to head about the free-2-play model including Neverwinter.

Here’s a short recap about the topics regarding our favorite MMO:

  • Although not specifically directed to Neverwinter, Jason Winter said what most people drives off the f2p model is something he calls “used car salesman syndrome”. You know you are getting screwed, but don’t know how and when exactly. He feels games are trying to push you into spending money and that’s interesting, because we recently talked about how Neverwinter introduced even more hidden progression barriers in Elemental Evil that can only be effectively surpassed by spending money.
  • The host Larry Everett though did explicitly mention Neverwinter as “the worst” MMO in terms of hidden costs.
  • In contrary to that, Tina said she feels the ZEN shop is extremely fair and although advertisements pop up everywhere, the stuff you can buy is primarily cosmetic and you don’t really feel the urge to buy something. Later she adds that hardcore players can legitimately earn anything as well.
  • Justin Olivetti compared Star Trek Online and Neverwinter saying it’s ironic, because coming from the same developer, STO is less intrusive and demanding and you don’t feel the pressure to grind out ingame currency to compete the same way as in NWO.

Here’s the video:



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One thought on “Massively Opinionated Talks About Neverwinter And F2P

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    May 17, 2015 at 8:01 am

    Be as it may the feature of converting ingame currency into real paid money currency is a unique feature of a f2p game they are giving a long grinding way true but still a possible way to buy every single thing over the course of time. Money in neverwinter may facilitate progress but doesnt ensure it.


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