Neverember a Little Too Generous With Warm Welcome Pack

Lord Neverember celebrated the arrival of alliances alongside the Sword Coast with a variant of the Warm Welcome Pack that players might already know from the PC version. It turned out however that the Protector was a bit too generous as the pack was reclaimable on all characters.

Infinite Blood Rubys

For a brief period players were able to farm the packs infinitely. You could of course circle through existing characters, but also create and delete new ones and claim the pack every time. With quite a few RPs, Preservaton Wards, Stronghold Vouchers and an XP Booster it was lucrative business to farm the packs. The refining points are bound to character, but can of course be refined into unbound Enchantments. The boosters and wards could even be stacked in the account bank.

PWE was aware of the issue and removed the pack on the 10th. There is no word when or if the Warm Welcome is going to come back.



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One thought on “Neverember a Little Too Generous With Warm Welcome Pack

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    August 16, 2016 at 7:51 am

    this was not an issue on pc if i remember correctly


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