Neverwinter Armor Set Guide For Module 12B

As part of our basic gear guides, we are working through available armor sets in this piece. This guide is mainly intended for new players that want to know which options they have gearing up. You won’t find class or build-specifics hints here for example.

The good news in terms of armor is: It’s relatively simple to get. As the endgame grind in Neverwinter mainly focuses around refinement, currently most armor pieces are token-based and have no upkeep cost. You can just buy them at a set price farming specific types of currency. That doesn’t mean all sets are equally easy to obtain. So let’s go through your options based on their item levels.

Campaign Currencies and Outdated Gear

  • Item Level: Up to 420
  • Example: Drowcraft Armlets
  • PRO: Cheap, instantly available through main characters
  • CON: Outdated, not endgame viable

Quite a lot of armor sets fall into our first category of “outdated” gear. Pretty much everything that got introduced before Module 10 can be put in here. Many campaigns like Sharandar, Dread Ring, or Underdark offer stuff in their shops, but it’s only good for leveling purposes or as true starting kit if you don’t have anything else. This also includes old Dusk and Frostborn gear from the Trade Bar Merchant, as well as Dragonflight from Strongholds, and Elven from dungeons. It’s not wrong to buy it when you have the currency anyway, but please do not specifically farm for the stuff. Some gear can be upgraded to item level 420 or even above through specific professions recipes, but it’s not worth the trouble either. Other items of similar or even better item level are much easier and cheaper to get.

Chult League and Stronghold Company Gear

  • Item Level: 420
  • Example: Company Raid Armlets
  • PRO: Instantly available through main characters, farming, or AD
  • CON: League is relatively expensive, Company requires guild affiliation

The gear progression in Neverwinter starts at item level 420 with League and Company gear. The first one is obtainable in the Chult campaign for ADs, but there’s a catch. You’ll probably already have superior gear once you get to Chult, or at least once you can reliably survive it. So League Gear, which is also available from Chult profession recipes, is mainly used to supply alternate characters. Company Gear in the meantime can be farmed on lower levels already, but requires a guild affiliation. It’s available in the Stronghold for Guild Marks, and reasonably priced.

Relic Gear

  • Item Level: 420-480
  • Example: Manaseeker’s Raid Armlets
  • PRO: Easily obtainable through dungeon runs, one of the few sets with a set bonus, can be used for everything from low-end to endgame
  • CON: Needs Svardborg completions and Voninblod farming to be maintained on higher item levels, set bonus’ usefulness limited to Module 10

Relic Gear is a blessing and a curse. Originally introduced as drops in Module 10, the gear and all required restoration material nowadays are easily obtainable for Seals of the Protector. It means everybody can get item level 420 gear for running dungeons, the random queue, Heroic Encounters even. So you can grab Relic Gear relatively early and its stays viable because it can be empowered (“Vivified”) all the way up to item level 480. For the higher levels you need to complete Svardborg though to get a necessary reagent (Ostorian Tale Carving) and additionally farm Voninblod to maintain the gear (it essentially loses item levels over time). That’s why players have mostly moved on from Relic Gear although it’s still viable at Vivified and fully empowered stage.

Pioneer Gear

  • Item Level: 440
  • Example: Pioneer Assault Kollu
  • PRO: Very cheap for Mod 12 campaign currency that has little use otherwise, good equip bonuses
  • CON: Not endgame viable, needs main character that supplies to alts

Pioneer Gear is a very good choice if you have mains running Chult in Module 12. With little other choices to spend Chultan Riches on, you can supply Pioneer Gear to alts. The pieces additionally have very useful equip bonuses. However, just like League Gear you might already have superior gear once you get to Chult with a main. So Pioneer Gear is probably exclusively viable for alternate characters.

Mysterious Merchant and Quest Gear

The Mysterious Merchant inside Strongholds offers gear with unique stats and equip bonuses. Some items are still “best in slot” or at least close to, although they have been surpassed in terms of item level. You’ll be paying quite a lot to get a hand on these however. First of all, you need to be in a well established guild or alliance that can constantly build the temporary Stronghold structure. The Mysterious Merchant only stays for a week and offers a random assortment of items. Meaning if you aim for specific gear, your guild has to build it over and over and over again.

The gear itself is also pricey and ranges from 20,000 to 30,000 Guild Marks, which approximately requires running quests in the Stronghold for about a month. Additionally finishing story lines in Module 11 or higher hands out a few items with item level 450.

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Pilgrim Gear

  • Item Level: 460
  • Example: Pilgrim Assault Kollu
  • PRO: Instantly available for Trade Bars or ZEN, good equip bonuses for solo play and Chult
  • CON: Only buyable for premium currency, expensive

Pilgrim Gear is the premium set in Neverwinter. Obtainable in the Trade Bar Store (under “Equipment”) and ZEN Market (bundled with Enchanted Keys), you have to spend real money and open lockboxes to get it. You are getting a very endgame viable set with good equip bonuses, but it’s expensive. Most experienced players only use this as temporary solution when they have leftover currency anyway. Until Chult however, this might be the best item level you are going to get.

Hunts and Huntsman Gear

  • Item Level: 480
  • Example: Royalsilk Mousquetaires and Huntsman Assault Armlets
  • PRO: Endgame gear, sometimes “best in slot”, can be farmed solo or in group content, unique stats and equip bonuses
  • CON: Requires advancement in Chult, and an established character that can run the latest dungeons

With Hunts and Huntsman gear we start to approach endgame territory. Item levels of 480 can fully be considered endgame, and can currently be acquired in three different ways. The first one is running the current capstone dungeon “Tomb of the Nine Gods“. It drops the Huntsman Gear from bosses and the end chests. If you can reliably complete the dungeon, it shouldn’t take too long to get your full set of Huntsman pieces.

Even if you’re not quite there in terms of TONG, which requires item levels of 14,000 or higher to comfortably beat, you can get your hands on item level 480 gear in solo content. Chult offers Hunts Gear that comes with unique stats and equip bonuses. “Hunting” is essentially a grind mechanic in which you need to go for specific mobs and rare creatures. Getting any piece of item level 480 is relatively easy, the better ones though are quite a time investment. The rewards however include “best in slot” pieces for some builds.

Masterwork III Gear

  • Item Level: 480
  • Example: Manticore Raid Armlets
  • PRO: Endgame gear, unique stats, unbound
  • CON: Requires a heavy investment in professions and tons of AD

The third way of obtaining item level 480 gear is through Masterwork Professions. Labeled as “endgame” for professions, it’s essentially an economic feature in which only the richest players can participate. It’s the only system that produces unbound gear, and comes with some unique stat combinations. As new player, or even advanced one, both buying the gear as well as trying to advance in Masterworks yourself is way too expensive and not worth the trouble when you can get item level 480 from other places. In case you’re in a guild or alliance though, you can ask whether they have Mastercrafters around. You might get the items for the material costs then (which might still be too much for most players).

Primal Gear

  • Item Level: 500
  • Example: Primal Raid Isongos
  • PRO: Best in slot for most builds, extended in Module 13
  • CON: Need to be able to farm Tomb of the Nine Gods

Primal offers the best item level currently and the devs will build on this line of gear in Module 13. So if you like the best of the best and want to make sure that you can still use it in the near future, there you go. The acquisition is relatively easy as well as it’s a token system from the current capstone dungeon “Tomb of the Nine Gods”. That said, you obviously have to be able to farm the content, which probably requires item levels of 14,000 and above (more as DPS). In case you’re able to however, Primal Gear is probably not only the best option, but also a comparably easy one to obtain.

That’s our armor set guide for Module 12B! Do you have any questions, additions or thoughts? Share them on our social channels, in the comments below, or visit the corresponding thread on our message board!

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One thought on “Neverwinter Armor Set Guide For Module 12B

  • February 23, 2018 at 1:34 pm

    Another good one! Excellent article!

    But is the gear BtA or BoP? That could go in the PROS and CONS.

    I currently have a mix of BtA Dusk, Drowcraft, Elemental Drowcraft and Restored Ostorian Relic for all classes; depending on which classes had Rank V of the Black Ice Forge and have bothered to upgrade before the Relic gear came to PE.

    So I know that those are BtA. But the newer stuff? I assume the Masterwork Binds on Equip, if it is Unbound when first obtained/crafted?

    Some of the Relic gear has severe holes in its stats, so I still use a mix on several classes. EG, a general lack of ArPen, while the TR gear seems to have more Crit and less Recovery than I need. EG, the choice is often Power and Crit vs Recovery and Crit, when I want Power and Recovery, for example. For DC, I have two compete sets of Relic, one for DOs, the other for ACs.

    So I would certainly farm Chult to get account-wide gear that remains BtA when I equip it, as I have multiple Alts of all classes. But I am not yet in the mood to go back to playing a Main and have the others just feed him AD and RP stones. Everything from Mod 10 on seems to be nothing but tedious grind, according to all reports I have seen

    Also, is it true that unlocking FBI and ToNG is account-wide? Like making a Greater Demonic Key? So once one character has done them, all characters can queue for them?


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