Neverwinter Community Watch

The Community Watch is a recurring format on the weekends that summarizes interesting stories, forum posts, links and news in the Neverwinterverse that are worth reporting, but don’t warrant a full own post.

Here’s what happened during the last week:

  • The Lostmauth set and class balance changes hit the Xbox last week after a postponed maintenance had already indicated something big would be coming.
  • The reactions were similarly to those on the PC a few weeks ago. Some didn’t appreciate the DPS nerf while Paladins wondered how to adjust to not being immortal any longer.
  • The devs also rearranged some menus on the Xbox, which messes with players’ muscle memory.
  • Youtuber FNHUSA57 discussed the changes in this video. HE also did a guide to the Jubilee for Xboxers.
  • Which brings us to the other hot topic throughout the week. The gifting mechanic of the anniversary is slightly different than the one from the Winter Festival. So players needed to sort that out.
  • Due to changes to the event structure, players are asking themselves how to get enough Figurines for the Garden Key.
  • Also important to know: The daily event quests only reset if you’re doing the skirmish and the “first pack per day” Figurine might actually be a 20-hour cooldown and not a daily reset.
  • This is just one of many threads that gave away E3 codes on reddit or twitter. Be on the watchout!
  • Also note that the Humble Pack does come with an Adventurer’s Starter Kit and not only with the advertised Helper Kit.
  • JayAgeDee continues his artsy work around the game with his latest screenshots of Sharandar.
  • Kvet delivers a major PSA on how the alliance leave and kicking system works.
  • Target lock has always been a hot topic in PVP and could even be exploited. Here’s the latest thread discussing the command.
  • The devs finally fixed various crashes on PC surrounding the Stronghold tab. Their efforts included an emergency maintenance on Friday.
  • In case you can only see your own guild talking in the alliance channel, this thread might help.
  • We have two more entries to the Orcus solo challenge: A HR and a GF.
  • Other players were busy killing Lostmauth in an all-tank setup.
  • Mid-module depression? How about topping this speedkill of eTOS? Or this one.
  • You have once again opened hundreds of lockboxes without getting anything of worth? Prepare to get mad!
  • checkmatein3 shares in-depth suggestions about the Bonding mechanic in a post on the official forum.
  • Utility enchantment proc less for support classes in dungeons. This should be changed.
  • In case you wondered: The SH map can host 40 players max.
  • Poor Foundry guys. All they have left is cynicism.
  • Neverwinter doesn’t even have a release on PS4 yet, but the first guilds are already forming.
  • Last but not least here are two older articles that talk about Neverwinter’s Foundry and console version.


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