Neverwinter Community Watch

The Community Watch is a recurring format on the weekends that summarizes interesting stories, forum posts, links and news in the Neverwinterverse that are worth reporting, but don’t warrant a full own post.

Here’s what happened during the last week:


  • It looks like MMO Games is still giving out VIP weeks. No giveaway is currently active, but might be worth monitoring the site.
  • In fact, someone has gotten a little bit too lucky and launched a giveaway on reddit for the MMO Games keys.
  • The Gateway briefly went up after Thursday’s PC maintenance, but was taken down soon again. Devs said they hope to deliver a solution next week.
  • Premade characters are here and users are actively discussing them.
  • Top Scourge Warlock and Uncensored contributor Fernuu previews his build in this video.
  • And yeah, Mod 10 Warlocks can still do a no transform ETOS kill.
  • But SWs have to be careful with Immolation Spirits as they redirect Everfrost damage to the character.
  • Apparently the EU2 proxy has gone MIA.
  • It’s PVP week on PC with the solo queue, so there’s a decent influx on PVP vids on Youtube. Like this.
  • Overall the solo queue seems to be a moderate success so far. At least the community discusses the game mode again. That’s progress.
  • It might be obvious, but “Always Double Refinement” items don’t deliver 4x RP on a double weekend.
  • Similar to the console changes, PC has introduced new limitations to help combat gold spammers.
  • Some player don’t really like that the devs took away the ability to preview loot in FBI chests before using the key. And of course the drop chances of the items you want is super annoying.




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