Neverwinter Playstation Release FAQ: The PVE Endgame

The Neverwinter Playstation release is right around the corner and many new players are probably asking themselves whether it’s worth to give the game a look. It’s completely free, so the risks are low. Some players however like to know what they can expect down the road and for those we are going to answer a few essential questions in the coming weeks.

Neverwinter Playstation Release Date

In our second FAQ piece for new Neverwinter Playstation crowd we preview what to expect from the PVE (end)game. Neverwinter does not feature a super-hard progressive endgame you might know from other MMOs. Expansions don’t come with that one raid or one boss that you need to take down as ultimate goal.

No true raids

Next to five-team dungeons the game doesn’t even feature raids, only some large-scale battles for 10 and 25 players. The hardest dungeons are designed to last no longer than 30 minutes for the average team and can be completed in under 10 minutes by experienced and well-geared toons. Since the content is relatively easy, dungeons don’t feature guaranteed rewards. Loot is gated behind repetition, not skill and challenge. Few bosses feature unique mechanics and pure DPS trivializes most of them.

The overall challenge for the ambitious endgame population has often been criticized, yet never changed. The devs made some adjustments and tried to make fights more interesting, but most content can be completed on the first day after its release. That doesn’t necessarily mean it can’t be hard. It is for the average player, but active toons outgear content rather fast.

The grind is the real endgame

Without true team challenge the endgame largely consists of the everyday grind to get your gear maxed. Sometimes you spend weeks in the game without noticing significant progress. It’s admittedly an unfortunate combination having to invest so much time on your way to the top and then lacking an appropriate playing field to capitalize. Dungeons are part of the repetitive grind and no long-term accomplishment.

Casual approach

If you expect a raid challenge similar to other MMOs you most likely will get disappointed. You won’t spend hours preparing for and trying to beat bosses. That doesn’t mean however that you quickly run out of stuff to do. The game is build around grinding out development for your characters and guild on a daily basis. The PVE endgame is casual friendly and grindy. You drop in, do dailies, develop you gear, run a few dungeons and log out again.

With some hard progression caps in important areas you can even say the game prevents hardcore farming. After one or two hours on a character you start to get very little out of your playing time.

We hoped that helped you to sort out what to expect from Neverwinter’s PVE endgame. In future posts we are going to deal with more topics, so stay tuned. In the meantime make sure to share questions and remarks below or visit the corresponding thread on our message board.

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