Neverwinter to Fix Double Companion Glitch in M15

Programmers Hate It! There is no longer One Weird Trick to summon multiple copies of the same companion.Patch Notes

In one of the recent “Heart of Fire” patch notes a pretty interesting line hid between other random stuff. You might have noticed the above statement about the ability to summon two companions, or two copies of your active companion. What might sound like a weird coincidence is actually a reproducible glitch that’s been around since Swords of Chult (Module 12b).

A source contacted us early in August and send over a bunch of videos showing them running around with two companions. We’ve since been looking into the case and could confirm the unintended behavior. People ingame have stumbled upon this bug because it can indeed happen accidentally when switching loadouts. Most thought it’s just a visual glitch because the additional pets disappear on certain circumstances which happen frequently. But the second summoned companion does indeed grant you some stats. It’s not 100% of your Bondings, but our source was able to get an additional 50k HP and 2k Crit for example. For obvious reasons this seems to be especially effective on Power sharing builds.

It’s Neither Reliable, Nor Constantly Reproducible

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While running around with two active companions seems like a pretty severe exploit, it’s actually not. First of all the process of summoning two pets requires you to buy a loadout for ZEN. Which means you are only able to reproduce this bug eight times (you can’t “discard” active loadout slots). Second of all the additional companion vanishes on death or any map change. This makes it rather obvious why it’s merely a funny glitch and not really an exploitable bug. If you’re one of those hardcore legits however that’s also your chance to get rid of the pet quickly. This bug by the way also explains the abandoned companions that remain in their instances indefinitely.

So if you see players running around with two companions, you know it’s not just a visual thing. The bug is confirmed for both PC and Xbox and we will add more videos and descriptions at a later point. So stay tuned!

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