Reddit Underdark AMA Transcript

Several members of the Cryptic and PWE team answered community questions yesterday on Reddit in an Underdark AMA. The full page is here and below you find a summary of the most interesting points.

It’s pretty clear that the major demand of the community currently is¬†bringing back the dungeons as many question were aimed towards that topic. There is an announcement coming soon and Goatshark also said they are indeed working on new dungeons, but no ETA.

Other frequently asked topics included content being too exclusive and the high AD costs compared to what you are able to make per day.

On XBox and the lack of companion gear

We’re looking at options for the companion gear. I want to make that stuff available to Xbox players.Cryptic_Goatshark

On the rework of the old dungeons

We are not bringing the dungeons back in Underdark, but they will be coming back in upcoming modules.Cryptic_Goatshark
As Scott mentioned earlier, we’ll have some additional details after we get Underdark out the door.yetweallfalldown

On out of reach content for smaller guilds / players

We want to make sure that guilds have things to care about throughout their life. We are looking at things to adjust for lower-level guilds. We are currently reviewing designs to help guilds work together in a mutually-beneficial relationship. This will help guilds of all sizes advance.Cryptic_Goatshark
We’re aware that smaller guilds are having a hard time advancing their Strongholds. We’re looking into solutions for this in upcoming modules. I can’t give an ETA yet.Cryptic_Goatshark

On refining and bag space

I think there’s a lot we can do to improve the refining process (refine refining?). We’re going to be evaluating quality of life changes here in upcoming modules. Not ETA on changes at this time.Cryptic_Goatshark

On the AD economy

We hear you and we’re reviewing these issues. For AD, look for a post that should be out before Underdark goes live on Tuesday.Cryptic_Goatshark
The current refining cap is 24k. We don’t expect everyone to hit this cap every day. That said, we know some people DO hit cap, and then some. Look for more information about this in a post due out before the launch of Underdark on Tuesday. We’re looking at at all Astral Diamond costs. Again, look for the post I’ve mentioned previously.Cryptic_Goatshark
Unfortunately, turning leadership off on Gateway only paused the issue. Botters moved to in-game, which lead to us removing AD from the profession altogether. Cryptic_Goatshark
ALL Astral Diamond prices are being reviewed. Companion upgrades and transmutes are at the top of the list. Look for a more detailed post before the release of Underdark on Tuesday. As a side note, we’re also reviewing Astral Diamond sources.Cryptic_Goatshark

On itemization

Yes, we are reviewing weapon and armor enchants. We’re also looking at what kind of new ones we could add to the game (it’s been a while since we’ve done so). We’re reviewing the whole mount system. I don’t have an ETA yet for more details than that.Cryptic_Goatshark
The short answer is: we want gear to matter, regardless of if it’s artifact gear or not. We want to make things that are differently powerful, and from various sources.Cryptic_Goatshark

On the Bonus Companion Desaster

Also, before I look at some other questions down the line, we’re still working on the resolution for the bonus companions. It’s on my list to knock out soon. We ran into a small issue that we’re getting fixed and will get them out as soon as we can.yetweallfalldown


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