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Alongside the announcement of Neverwinter’s Module 9: The Maze Engine, Lead Designer Scott Shicoff, Producer Lindsay Haven and Community Manager Andy Wong gathered on the official Neverwinter PWE subreddit and answered some questions regarding the next expansion. I skipped less interesting answers and provided additional explanation or a comment. Have fun with it!

You will have 2 new tabs on your character screen, MOUNT and STABLE.

The mount screen is what controls your current mount. The look, the speed, and any click or passive powers. On this screen, each of those elements can be customized based on the mounts you’ve acquired. So if you want a 140% speed Heavy Nightmare, and you were lucky enough to get a Legendary Flail Snail, you’re in luck!

The stable is where all of your mounts are managed, similarly to active companions. It’s totally separate from the mount you’ve got set up in the other screen, which means what you’re riding around on might (or might not) be listed in your limited stable space. All other mounts are waiting for you in a separate (new) mount bag. The stable is where you’ll be able to attach new items to mounts called insignias. These provide stat bonuses as well as an opportunity for insignia set bonuses.Scott Shicoff

This is interesting for two reasons: Separating Mount and Stable as is great because that means you can actually ride green mounts (or their looks) without having to pass on Insignia slots. This also confirms the Insignia Powers are indeed set bonuses (we’ve been theorycrafting around the topic here).

3) BoE gear will be coming back soon, but not for this module. We think that it’s important for the health of the game to get that feature back.Scott Shicoff

We’re not doing any new classes or races with this module.Scott Shicoff
Siege (event) needs some work before it’s ready to be back in play. We’re looking at all of our event plans for the year and trying to figure out how/when to get fan favorites back out there.

As for what might be done to refresh the event, that will be up to the group tasked with making the update.Scott Shicoff

I don’t want to say which balance changes we’re hoping to do in the near future (mostly because the person working on them is still in the evaluation phase), but I can say that HR, SW, DC, and OP are all at the top of the list for targeted fixes.Scott Shicoff

We’re looking at some of the most frustrating foundry bugs (creators can’t test their content because of a bug with portals), but we don’t currently have plans to add anything new to the foundry this year.Scott Shicoff

A lot of stuff that won’t happen with Module 9, but good to know anyway. Balancing already been assigned to a person is at least something. Let’s not forget that gcrush, who used to be heavily involved in that, has left the company.

We’re bringing back the old T2 gear for transmutes (change appearance) with this module.Scott Shicoff

This is great and makes sense. Intrigued how they will implement this. My personal suggestions is to do it in the respective campaigns. We’ll see.

The reality is NW isn’t the most alt-friendly game.Scott Shicoff


Yes! We’re looking to improve the stronghold system and how large/small guilds interact. As some of you might know, STO did an armada system and we’re looking at what we can leverage from that, as well as what we might need that’s unique to Neverwinter.Scott Shicoff

Sounds like it’s a couple of Modules away.

Yes, mounts will work in PvP. There will be active mounts (you slot them in you stable). Each mount can have up to 3 insignia slots but if all slots are full it doesn’t necessarily result in a the set bonuses for them. For balancing passive set bonus powers in PvP we’ll be looking at ICD (internal cool downs) and the value of each activation. We’ll be posting a developer blog about the new mount system on Thursday, which may answer many of your questions.Lindsay Haven

I was hoping that’s not the case, but for revenue it makes sense to not exclude PVP of course. Especially since you’re not making money in PVP off companions.



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