Training Ball Farm Doesn’t Last Long

People who thought they’d found a legitimate way of farming tickets beyond the daily ticket-ball got disappointed today. The devs apparently fixed farming training balls, because it is considered an exploit.

In case you missed what the fuss is all about: The training balls that can be grabbed from the boxes on the Sahha field did actually drop loot after volleying them a few times. We think it might have been 30 times, which would match the maximum amount of possible volleys of the Ticket-Ball. Training balls dropped a random selection of all tickets, Petal, Party Popper and Fireworks.

It’s kind of a weird twist to the whole ticket farming confusion. As we’ve reported it is ok to self-volley or get Ticket-Balls stuck under bridges to get near to the max volleys easily. On the other hand the devs now restricted a mechanic that looked more intended than the Ticket-Ball glitches. Although players grouped up to be more efficient, it was still a serious commitment and time investment.

Maybe not the training balls, but the permanent ones from copper ticket store were the real issue here. They probably enabled players to automate farming and get way more tickets than intended. Anyway, this is now off the table and the only way to get more tickets beyond the daily Ticket-Ball is doing Sahha.



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One thought on “Training Ball Farm Doesn’t Last Long

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    August 3, 2017 at 5:43 pm

    so the old bug was
    1.kick the free ball from the box in the playground 30+ times the ball (240 copper tickets one or 320 copper ticks one?), and it never explode?

    for some weird reason i cant register on the forum


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