Winter Festival, Black Friday and Sea of Moving Ice Sale and Giveaway Details

In today’s post we’d like to share some stuff about the upcoming sales and giveaways. Unfortunately there is currently no clear evidence that Black Friday will once again feature a massive 50% sale on the ZEN market. That doesn’t mean however they won’t be, just that the devs this time might be smart enough to hide it. The ZEN exchange doesn’t need more hype anyway and is rapidly approaching a backlog of 10,000,000 for the first time since the Resonator exploit.

Black Friday

It however seems that the painted horses we mentioned in our last datamining post are tied to Black Friday. A screenshot indicates they could be a special offer during Thanksgiving and there might be a separate giveaway attached to the holiday as well. We’re still not sure why the Skeletal Wolf didn’t make it to the game during the Masquerade. It was a fit thematically, but never appeared in the ZEN market.

Winter Festival

As mentioned in this post over at Arcgames the Winter Festival will feature a charge promotion that we think will grant players a companion named “Winter Celebrant”. Its active power increases the drop of Light of Simrils during the Winter Festival by 40% and adds a small amount of Recovery and Defense.

It additionally looks like the current VIP promotion will come to an end and be replaced with one that grants additional Starlight Parcels with VIP purchases. At this point we can’t tell whether this is only attached to the 6-month subscription or more packages.

Sea of Moving Ice

Last but not least a mysterious “catch up” package has received ZEN market artwork. The picture shows Frostborn Gear, the Remorhaz companion and an Elemental Artifact Weapon Choice Pack. If true we’re not a particular fan of the Weapon Pack. Sea of Moving Ice will introduce a new Weapon set that’s vastly outperforming the former ones. A Trowel or something would make much more sense.



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