Chinese Server Significantly Reduces Blood Ruby Prices

After we have already reported last week that the Russian Drider server has raised the threshold of the ZAX exchange to 1000 ZEN per AD, we continue our look to other servers with a news from the Chinese one. This time it’s encouraging as PWE has apparently reduced the prices of Blood Rubys and Blood Ruby Packs to 80 and 200 ZEN, down from 800 and 2,000.

Chinese Blood Rubys


At least on the international PC server such a permanent reduction would make tons of sense as well. With 6.66 ADs per Refinement Point Blood Rubys are so overpriced that it isn’t funny. Resonance Stones off the auction house cost players only 0.85 AD per RP, which would currently set the appropriate price for the Ruby at 85 ZEN, indeed very close to the value PWE has gone for on their Chinese server.

A user on the ARC forum said this was a move to counter botting, but we weren’t able to confirm that. It’s also not clear whether this is a time-limited promotion or indeed a permanent change.



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