The Masquerade of Liars Event Guide

Once a year it’s getting spooky in the Protector’s Enclave! Neverwinter’s annual event “Masquerade of Liars” brings the spirit of Halloween to all platforms and we have all the info you need to acquire the event goods. So don’t get scared and read through our guide!

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The Structure

The event structure is pretty easy. Players need to collect Masquerade Tokens and can trade them at the Masquerade Vendor for various rewards. You get tokens by completing three dailies and collecting Liar’s Charms. Charms drop from mobs throughout the world and from pumpkins scattered around Protector’s Enclave. Players then can trade those for additional tokens. Either at a 1:1 ratio directly in the store or at Masquerade Illusionists throughout Protector’s Enclave. The illusionists hand out a Bag of Illusionist’s Treats with multiple tokens.


The rewards

Mask of OrcusYou can choose to buy a few cool looking fashion items for your tokens, two companions, Transformation Potions and a Dye Pack. The Wandering Scarecrow and Skeleton unfortunately are pretty non-special. All of the stuff is unbound however and can be sold. On PC the Masks sold for a decent amount in the first year, but the market since crashed. On consoles it might still make sense to grind them for a decent AD though. You need to figure out yourself whether the effort is worth the reward. This year it might make most sense to sell or stash away the new fashion set and Stronghold decor if you’re looking to get some ADs out of the event.

The Artifact

Next to the store items players can obtain and refine the Illusionist’s Mask up to legendary quality with special event refinement stones. Doing your dailies you should get all Reagents to at least get the Mask to purple. This makes it a very easy way for new or undergeared players to fill their artifact spots, even if it’s only temporary.

If you’re already operating under the new refining system of Mod 12b, there another subtle improvement. Because RPs are a global currency and matching bonuses and all limitations gone, the event refinement now adds refining points that are no longer limited to the Illusionist’s Mask. So even if you don’t want or need the event artifact, farming pumpkins in PE can actually be a nice source of RPs.

The grind

To get all rewards you need to get north of 3,500 Tokens. Only a fraction comes from the dailies, leaving way over 3,000 to be farmed using Liar’s Charms. Just killing mobs won’t nearly land you enough, so you are going to find yourself circling through PE, looting pumpkins, and trading charms at the illusionists. You can unfortunately not just turn in all your charms at one illusionist, because they get locked for a certain amount of time after the interaction. The map on the left shows the spots for pumpkins (orange) and stationary illusionists (red) so you can plan a route.

Even if you don’t gun for the subpar companions we are talking hours of doing a very repetitive task. As said we would advise players to closely monitor the market. The masks could become really cheap throughout the event, so you might not need to grind at all to get your favorite one.

Overall the Masquerade is nice event though. You might be able to make RPs, a few ADs with reselling the unbound rewards, and it’s always fun to see all those players sporting their Masks. So bring your costume and watch for Beholders in unusual spots!

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3 thoughts on “The Masquerade of Liars Event Guide

  • November 2, 2016 at 4:51 am

    There’s a special achievment “Mask Witness” that you earn when you are close to an illusionist NPC when he transmutes himself to The Mask, the essence of the event. (Black-suited guy with green eyes. When an illusionist is on his way to transmutes to The Mask, he says something like “Now, let’s back to the origin of the masquerade”).
    I wasn’t able to interact with him because he’s not a random illusionist you can trade Liar’s charm with, but he says some funny things about himself and how he’s the origin of the masquerade

    • November 2, 2016 at 8:29 am

      The Mask says his greatest trick was making people believe he was dead. Unless, of course, there are multiple things he can say. This is the same thing the masquerade lore master in the Moonstone Mask tells you as part of the lore of the Masquerade of Liars.

  • November 10, 2017 at 8:33 am

    several of my toons had the artifact from last year at purple rank, and were able to refine it with regular refi points. Now I missed the event this year and updates, I can’t refine it anymore at purple? It is showing that I need event materials.


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