Neverwinter Module 16 Mechanics

There are many fundamental systems changes coming in module 16, but perhaps the most important one is the changes to game mechanics. This post serves to briefly underline the changes, as well as what ratings should be prioritized in module 16. Keep in mind these changes are still on preview. This means they are subject to change. Expect that at least some of this article will be out of date by the time it goes live. Also, this covers the changes in PVE and is not considering ramifications for PVP.

The Changes

For the sake of readability, I am breaking this up into subsections with a brief explanation. A good place for a more detailed explanation is over on Janne’s Website. If you just want the short version on what to stack, skip to the bottom.

Basic Statistic Overhauls

      • Ratings now grant 1% per 500, up from 1% per 400.
      • Tertiary Ratings like Combat Advantage and Action Point Gain are no longer diminished and have a matching 500:1 curve.
      • Recovery, Lifesteal, and Regeneration were removed from the game.
      • Critical Strike is now countered by Critical Resist. You have 5% base Critical Strike Chance and it caps at 50% chance.
      • Deflection is now countered by Accuracy. Your Deflection chance caps at 50%.
      • Combat Advantage is now countered by Awareness. Your Combat Advantage Bonus caps at 100% and has a base value of 10%.
      • Defense is still countered by Armor Penetration. Your Damage Reduction has a maximum value of 80%.
      • Power and Hit Points do not have counters.

The ratings are implemented in an additive manner. For example, if you have 24000 Critical Strike and an enemy has 24000 Critical Resistance, you will have a 5% chance to deal a critical hit (your base chance). Percentage bonuses to Critical Strike are countered by Critical Resistance. In the same example above, if you had only had 21500 Critical Strike, you would not have been able to deal critical hits. Your statistics (both offensive and defensive) can be reduced to 0 by counter statistics, but not below.

Critical Severity and Combat Advantage

Critical Severity and Combat Advantage are additive with each other. On critical hits, if you have 75% Critical Severity and 100% Combat Advantage bonus, you will deal 175% increased damage, not 350% increased damage. Combat Advantage is a multiplier on your damage that you only gain when you are flanking an enemy. This occurs when you are behind them, or you and an ally are on opposite sides of the same enemy.

Buffs and Debuffs

Whilst there are still some buffs, there are not many. The buffs that still exist are drastically reduced. For example, Controlled Momentum went from a 10% buff to a 2% buff. However, the core functionality of buffs remains largely the same. They are still multiplicative with each other.

Debuffs, on the other hand, are in a weird position. Currently, the debuffs on player powers have been drastically reduced, but the debuffs on pets and artifacts remain unchanged. They are still additive, like before. There is, however, a catch. Compared to module 15, they are actually in a stronger position than before. This is because they are no longer diminished and there are less of them.

In the case of both buffs and debuffs building a character as a support is definitely no longer an option. The values for buffs and debuffs are just too low to justify doing so.

The Combined Rating

The Combined Rating adds a flat amount to every statistic that has a resistance. To be more specific, it adds the amount on the tooltip to everything except Power and Hit Points. The purpose of this is to prevent players who are not planning their characters from having below the minimum thresholds for statistics. In reality, the net result is that it becomes very difficult to optimize your character. This is because if you want to dump a statistic down to 0 and invest it elsewhere, it isn’t possible.

Enemy Statistics

Keep in mind, the values here are subject to change but can be found in full here. Currently, at level 80 enemies have 24000 of every statistic. This means in order to start dealing critical hits or Combat Advantage damage (or in order to start mitigating damage) you need to exceed 24000. It also means you need to exceed this value in Armor Penetration and Accuracy.

Statistic Priority

The long and the short of all this is that you should prioritize offensive statistics as follows:

  • First priority is Armor Penetration.
  • Once you have capped Armor Penetration, you should focus on Accuracy.
  • After these 2 statistics are capped, power gives the biggest boost.
  • Finally, if you have a lot of statistics, you should invest in Critical Strike and Combat Advantage.

The last 2 statistics depend on how much Critical Severity you have. If you have more than 100% Critical Severity, Critical Strike is usually better. If you have less than that, Combat Advantage is usually better. Keep in mind however, if you hit the cap of either rating, investing more does nothing. As of the current preview patch, these caps are at 46500 for Critical Strike and 69000 for Combat Advantage. I strongly recommend if you want to min-max your statistics correctly, using the optimizer on Janne’s Website.

As far as defensive statistics are concerned, unless you are able to exceed 24000 Defense by quite a large amount, Hit Points is the best way to go. Deflection is strictly worse in PVE then Defense. You can probably ignore it. Awareness and Critical Resistance are both awful, enemies do not have enough Critical Severity (25%) and mobs are too stupid to position for CA.


This concludes this analysis of ratings for the current preview of module 16. I expect at the very least, the values of enemies counter statistics to become obsolete at launch. However, the core systems will likely remain the same. Hopefully, this can provide some useful insight into how to plan your character in module 16.

Do you already have an idea how to min-max your characters in module 16? Share your thoughts and experience on our social channels, in the comments below, or visit our message board!

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8 thoughts on “Neverwinter Module 16 Mechanics

  • Avatar
    March 13, 2019 at 11:03 am

    Another good article, with lots I did not know. Thanks for doing these!

    [i]Recovery, Lifesteal, and Regeneration were removed from the game.[i]
    What about Armour Class?

    I suppose we can do without DoTR (as long as the Dwarf gets a racial that works)
    and I suppose we won’t miss AoER (as long as my Paladin Sigil gets a suitable replacement stat)

    but I really don’t see why they took out Armour Class.

    Armour Class is in every single edition of D&D and AD&D since Chainmail magazine.

    And if your Wizard stands there in cloth robes next to my Fighter in a full suit of Field Plate Mail and a Body shield, do the mobs REALLY have the same chance to hit and damage us both?


    And your other article, attribute scores give only 0.25% bonus per point?

    Does that mean that a Wizard with 30 INT gets 5% damage bonus instead of 20%?

    Or is it 7.5% because it is no longer (INT-10) * 0.25, it is INT * 0.25 = 7.5%?


  • Avatar
    March 13, 2019 at 11:05 am

    Damn, could you fix that formatting? 2nd tag is meant to be [/i].

    That’s what I hate about this blog, I can not edit my own mistakes.


    • Avatar
      March 13, 2019 at 12:07 pm

      It is Int*0.25=7.5%.

      • Avatar
        March 13, 2019 at 1:32 pm

        Cheers. That is still quite a nerf.


        • Avatar
          March 13, 2019 at 1:35 pm

          And, of course, completely contrary to the rules of every edition of D^D and AD&D ever. What the hell do they think they are doing?

          Does a naked Dwarf Barbarian have the same hp as a naked Elf Wizard, ignoring CON bonus?

  • Avatar
    March 13, 2019 at 11:28 am

    Armor Class also removed.

  • Avatar
    March 14, 2019 at 2:14 am

    The elimination of buffs and debuffs leaves the biggest spot ever for a bard class.

  • Avatar
    March 18, 2019 at 11:51 am

    Is 46500 the cap for ArPen and the other stats? or is that the 50% threshold? Also, could you explain what Hit Point Strength does? I imagine the Companion Influence stat on a lot of things now either increases their stats, or acts like a bolster for you, but I’m not sure which.

    Also, on a side note, the Janne’s website you’ve pointed to in the last 3 articles comes up as blocked by Malware Bytes. I’ve only seen maybe 2-3 other sites ever blocked by it, so I’m hesitant to continue on and look at it.


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