Storm Kings Thunder Console Primer: Fixes and System Changes

Get hyped guys, because Storm Kings Thunder (SKT) is right around the corner on consoles! In the good tradition of our site, we want to make sure you are properly prepared for your travel to the north. So pack some warm socks and read our Primer!

Before we touch on the major changes and new additions, we want to cover some fixes and minor changes in this first part. Some stuff is only good to know, but a few things alter gameplay quite a bit. A full list of the probable patch notes is available here. Be aware that these are the PC notes, there might be changes for the console version.

Invocation Rework

InvocationInvocation is reworked to only grant a bonus to rough Astral Diamonds. The next time you’ll earn ADs through gameplay, this bonus is added on top of it. The change is aimed at stopping big accounts to get a considerable amount of ADs by only invoking on each toon. Now you at least sometimes have to actually play the game to benefit from invocation. We covered this change and its impact in a separate posting, which can be found here.

Salvage Values

The second nerf to player income will come with new salvage values. Generally salvageable blue items are getting devalued and purple ones upgraded. Your Shores of Tuern, Lostmauth or Demogorgon runs should net significantly less ADs in SKT while T2 dungeons like Temple of the Spider are much more profitable. For players that can smoothly run T2 it merely means changing their daily routine a bit, but all others have to work harder for their AD.

Broken PVP stuff

A few problematic issues for PVP are addressed in SKT. The power of Drain Overload Enchantments was drastically reduced and the Ambush Ring no longer procs while mounted. On PC drains are still considered lame though and unfortunately the changes to Ambush also makes the Ring nonviable for PVE.

Seals of Triumph

We will cover gear in a separate post, but it’s never too early to tell you that the Seals of Triumph will be heavily devalued. It’s best to exchange all remaining Seals for Glory Packs before the update. They will remain a main currency for PVP, but the amount of Seals of Triumph awarded will drastically rise and with it all costs of items.

New Insignia Bonuses

SKT adds five new Insignia Bonuses that can best reviewed in two30’s Insignia Bonus tool. The new bonuses are Assassin’s Covenant, Berserker’s Rage, Combatant’s Maneuver, Slayer’s Redemption and Victim’s Preservation.

That’s it for today folks! In upcoming posts we are going to talk about the campaign and new dungeon, item progression and a massive round of class balance changes! In case you have any questions or remarks, post them in the comments below or visit the corresponding thread on our message board!



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